Melbourne Bound

Packing again.  Our luggage never gets too dusty and the attic is always organized.  Should I bring Dora pull-ups for Colin?  I saved them over year ago.  Yes, they are in.  Everyone loves “Ra-Ra.”  What about the AppleTV?

In 2 1/2 weeks, we head down under for a family adventure in Melbourne (the aussies pronouce it ‘Melbun’).  Its time to hunker down, send off my husband early, close up the house, hire landscapers and other services, pack up necessities, ship boxes, plan for lengthy plane travel, visit doctors, research and waitlist kindergartens, download books on my kindle and… write a blog.

My best advice has come from bloggers online.  Why not try it myself?  I did not get an A in Freshman English but this could be different.

So here it goes, new adventures online and down under.

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One Response to Melbourne Bound

  1. meghann says:

    very cool, i am super excited for you and your family! good luck with everything. if colin runs out of dora pullups- we can send him some of our princess ones 🙂

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