We will miss…

I never imagined I would be packing boxes destined for Australia while watching March Madness.  We will miss those last-minute baskets, stretching 5 minutes of playing time into half an hour and trash talking amongst our pool members.

We are going to take this opportunity to say a quick goodbye to some of our other favorite things. 

1. American history weekends 

2. Cheerios

3. Snow

4. NYC pretzels

5. My Napoleon

To Naps:  You are always on my side.  You listen to me and refuse to talk back.  You always think it’s a good time for nap time.  You clean up.  I couldn’t bear to put you in a mandatory kennel quarantine for over a month’s time.  You will be happy in New Jersey and we will be back.  I promise. 

6.  Family and friends

To family and friends:  We will miss your support nearby. We will miss our visits – running through your homes like a wild storm.  We thank you for loving us unconditionally (and inviting us over a second time.) 

We will miss you.

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One Response to We will miss…

  1. Gabi says:

    We will miss the heck out of you too. I am currently feeling very sorry for myself but also looking forward to a great trip to Australia.
    Promise to take good care of Naps. love you all. mom

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