Where are all the koalas?

It’s a miracle… we made it. 

We missed our Melbourne/Sydney connection in LA.  Here’s the kicker.  The plane was still at the gate but they would not let us board.  The gate agent stated that the flight needed to be on time.  Glad to hear that that’s United’s policy, must be a new thing.   What happened to waiting for international connections?   There we were with 2 small children who barely made the 6 hour flight from Newark (at that point the time translated to 1am East Coast time).  Staring out at our plane from the large glass windows, we were in disbelief.  The next plane does not leave in an hour, it does not leave in 5 hours.  It leaves in 24 hours, 10pm the following day.

What does one do in an airport hotel with 2 pajama clad toddlers without luggage?  The escalators were quite stimulating and riding them continuously proved their worthiness.  The 34th Annual American Indian Awareness in Education Conference was also a noteworthy activity.  Two American Indian women, very nicely, invited C and C to play in a children’s room for families attending the conference.  My blonde haired, blue-eyed children definitely made an impression, but were too frightened to venture into a large, dark, makeshift teepee.  Back in our room, our window became the front row seat for a theatrical production entitled LAX landings and takeoffs.  Being holed up in a hotel a stone’s throw from the runway one must make use of their immediate surroundings.

We made the flight the following day and it was a looooong one.  Thank god we didn’t sleep the day before because C and C passed out after takeoff and were not heard from again for 6 hours.  Now I know why Australia is not commonly visited by Americans.  It’s simply too far away. 

As we land, we are excited again.  However, Claire was disappointed.   While we taxi to our gate she states, “But mommy, I don’t see any koalas.  Where are all the koalas?”  She had been waiting weeks to see them and we failed her.  “That’s OK, Mommy.  They are sleeping, we will see them soon.”  Yes, we will.  We will all wake up from this travel nightmare very soon. 

“Ooh, look!  Palm trees!” she says.  Yet again, we have moved on.

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1 Response to Where are all the koalas?

  1. meghann says:

    oh my….i am sorry you missed your flight, but it seems like things worked out in the end! there is nothing better than sleeping kids on a plane!!!

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