Driving on the Wrong Side: Part II

Since I’ve been on the road a bit longer I have a few more things to report. 

1.  Driving on the Melbourne Grand Prix racetrack.  How this happened, I’m not sure.  On Friday, I agreed to drive the kids to this playground they’ve been hearing about in Albert Park.  It is a giant, wooden maze of a jungle gym complete with bridges, tunnels, swings, towers, slides and a zip line – everything a toddler could want.  The Melbourne Grand Prix, which takes place in Albert Park, ended a week ago.  (The Grand Prix is a large, international formula one race, but that’s not important right now.)  Online, I saw directions stating that the playground was located adjacent to the grandstands in the Grand Prix and thinking that all the stands were no longer there I would wing it.

Driving into the park, I notice I am all alone.  There are numerous traffic cones and detour signs.  “This cannot be good.”  “What can’t be good, Mommy?” Claire asks.  Not really sure where I’m going, I swerve around traffic cones and continue onward.  Next thing I know, steel barricades surround me, empty stands blankly watch my Mitsubishi crossover slowly make a turn into the home stretch.  My instinct is to, well, go faster.  More cones to manuever appear.  “This simply can’t be good.”  “Maaahhmmy, what can’t be good?”  Claire wines.   Then I drive underneath billboards, passing what appears to be the grandstands.  Where’s my checkered flag?  Aha!  Grandstands = playground, but how can I see anything behind all this steel?  Yes, there it is!  We spot it on the right and manage to find a parking spot.  But how do I get myself, Claire and Colin into the wooden adventure playland?  I don’t give up so easily.   We proceed to walk thru the grass, skip across the raceway, jump a fence and hop around more barricades.  Was it worth it?  Not really, but we had fun pretending to be a race car.


 2.  Really driving on the wrong side.  After leaving the grocery store today,  I made my normal right hand turn onto the right hand side of the road.  BIG mistake.  Not realizing I had made a mistake until I reached the point of making yet another right hand turn, a car approaches wanting in to my lane.  Riiiight… I mean left.  I move over and make my next right hand turn onto the left.  Got it.  Catastrophe avoided.

3.  Hook turns.

This is the strangest sign I’ve ever encountered.  While driving to South Melbourne Market, this sign appeared.  In order to make a right you need to move left, in front of the opposite traffic and then make your right when that opposite traffic can proceed on their green light.  Crazy.  I’ve seen those Jersey jug-handles, Michigan lefts and Chicago 6 point intersections, but this one takes the cake.

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2 Responses to Driving on the Wrong Side: Part II

  1. Gabi Hearn says:

    Maybe you could put some kind of flag on your car, warning other motorists. On the golf course we have flags on carts allowing the infirm to get closer to the greens.

  2. U.J. says:

    hilarious, mom

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