Brighton Beach

The Brighton Beach Boxes are very photogenic and I cannot stop taking pictures of them.  Many tourists stop, take the “I-can-now-say-I-saw-them” picture and move on.  Each Beach Box has its own identity and is privately owned.  They are not available often but last time one was sold I believe it sold around $200,000.  This will not be our last time visiting the beach as it also proved worthy with its seashell and sea life discoveries.  The kids love this beach with rocky areas, shallow pools and nooks and crannies to explore.

Melbourne CBD and Brighton Beach Boxes

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4 Responses to Brighton Beach

  1. katie says:

    beautiful pictures meg! i love the one with claire skipping away in front of the beach houses.

  2. Gabi Hearn says:

    Nice pics. Looks like a fun place to visit. Good thing you got a new camera.

  3. Allison Hirsch says:

    Beautiful pics!

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