Toy Library

Our community has many resources for children and families.  While I haven’t joined the ‘regular’ library yet, we have joined the local toy library, the Elwood Toy Library

I was pleasantly surprised with the inventory.  Obviously, we could not make up our minds about what to borrow, but we managed to whittle it down to 7 toys with LOTS of little pieces.  Bringing our plastic bags up to the table to check out, the woman proceeded to tell me that I needed to go to the large table with bins to double-check piece counts.  We wouldn’t want to be responsible for any missing pieces.  Riiight, no worries.  Claire insisted on Block Art that consisted of: 50 blue squares, 50 yellow squares, 50 red squares, 50 green squares, 30 blue triangles, 30 yellow triangles, 30 red triangles, 30 green triangles, 1 box, 1 lid and 1 outer cardboard box.  After 1 head bump and 12 animal cookies, I realized that 1 blue triangle was missing.  The man who runs the place smiles, reaches into his shirt pocket and pulls out the lonely blue triangle.  “I found this in my house, under my heater.”  Did he recently borrow Block Art?  “You are an ambitious borrower,” he adds.  I am able to squeak out a smile.  The American has passed the test. 

7 toys and 596 pieces later, we are ready to check out.  I’m exhausted but excited about our new find.  The Toy Library requires a strong community dedicated to its success.  Joining also means you are required to work a few hours a year.  Understanding what it takes to run such a library forces you to take good care of the toys.

We look forward to our next visit in a couple of weeks when we pick out an outdoor ride-on car that consists of 1 piece, itself.

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