Holy spider!

This is what welcomed us home from the Bellarine Peninsula on Sunday.  This thing was bigger than the palm of my hand.  I opened our front gate, oblivious to the creature 2 inches from my hand.  Dan looks at me and says calmly “Did you see that?”  I scream.  Of course I didn’t.  Would I have gone near the gate if I had?  Umm, no.  Now the kids are alarmed, but very much interested.  I wish I had a picture of the entire scene: Claire, the animal/creature lover in front, Colin protecting himself behind her while looking over her shoulder, me behind Colin because I… um, wanted the kids to have the best look at the thing and Dan, man of the hour, about to swipe it onto the ground in the opposite direction of our front door.  He is successful at taking it to the ground but then it goes for us!  No joke, its running directly for Claire.  Dan stomps on it multiple times.  (1 stomp would have only knocked it out for a couple of hours.)  We are saved! 

You have to be careful in Australia.  It has more things that will kill you than anywhere else.  There is such an incredible variety and quantity of animals that can kill humans down under.  The world’s ten most poisonous snakes are all Australian.  It is also home to the most lethal spider, jellyfish, octopus, tick and fish in the world!  There is an Australian spider that attacks birds, I am not kidding.  We have spiders everywhere and venomous ones are common in our area so I’ve downloaded an Australian spider index

We believe this was Huntsman Spider but unsure.  Claire is still asking about him… or her.

Go forward to Holy spider! Part II.

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8 Responses to Holy spider!

  1. Gabi Hearn says:

    omg Do they have antedotes for them?

  2. Alexis Saladino says:


  3. Allison Hirsch says:

    Sorry, finally checking in and looks like you guys have been busy! Cannot imagine how I would react to that spider but sounds like you guys have it under control. Miss you guys. Hope you are enjoying yourself! Happy Easter!

  4. spider lover says:

    I know they look terrifying, but this is a huntsman spider and it’s perfectly harmless. They are a very good eater of insects. Don’t kill any more, they’re very timid and live behind your bookcase waiting to clean up your roaches. If you want to get them out of them house then put a container over them ( big beer glass for instance), slide some paper underneath and toss them outside. There are really only two spiders that can harm you in Australia – the funnel web and the redback. The funnel web is the ONLY deadly spider and is not often found in Victoria. The redback is very obvious – it has a meaty little body with a bright red stripe on it’s back. Squish them if you like, and always check under the toilet seats in rural areas – they like to live under them which is why 10% of their bites are to the [man parts]! Even then, you’ll be fine… eventually.

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