Havaianas Thong

While in a surf shop in Torquay I realized what I had been missing, a new pair of thongs, Havaianas thongs.  Thong = flip-flop.  They have been in Australia for over a decade but just hit the States a few years ago.  You might have noticed the thongs with the little Brazilian flag.  Those are Havaianas made for the World Cup in 1998 but were so popular with the U.S. general public when released around 2007, I believe.  They are the casual thing to wear on your feet in Australia. 

I bought the ones with the country of Australia and have the names of Aussie beaches on the foot-bed.  Hey, when in Rome, “uh, yes, go on.”  Love them.   Better go see the many options online for the States: Havaianas US.  Maybe I wasn’t in the know but now I am. 

Those Brazilians love a thong.

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