Ka-kas and roo-roos

The kids are loving their Australian animal experience.  So are mom and dad for that matter.  Penguins in St. Kilda (in the city, no joke, there are penguins that return from the ocean to their nests at night on the pier – you are only a few feet, even inches, wait, I mean centimeters away), cockatoos, rainbow lorikeets, spiders and

Sabine, the orphaned wallaby

now koalas and kangaroos in the wild.  The wild is a completely different experience and one I will never forget.  Hopefully, it will stay with the kids too.  Amazingly, Colin immediately pointed out the ‘ka-kas’ and ‘roo-roos.’

We stayed overnight at The Great Ocean Ecolodge.  It’s a fabulous place, one of which I have never stayed before.  With only 5 rooms it’s a very personal experience: the cook made a special dinner for the kids, the owner took our drink order, our kids played with the owner’s 2 year old, we saw rehabilitated animals up close, Claire collected the chicken eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast and the ‘roo-roos’ grazed next to our patio.  

I held back my, “holy s*t, there’s a  koala” and instead went for “wow, there’s a koala, Claire” upon seeing out first wild koala on our guided ‘bushwalk.’  Seriously, I was super excited and the excitement continued as we saw more and more high in the trees. Being the youngest guests by far at the Ecolodge was disappointing.  We would have loved to share the experience with another family or younger couple.  I think that

Roo-roos on our bushwalk

children love an experience such as this.  Mine did.  However, it is not a resort.  There is no pool or beach.  It is close to awesome beaches on the Great Ocean Road but none at its doorstep so I suppose I get it.

Despite having a leech pulled off of Claire’s sock (looking back, I think we shrugged that off rather casually – once again watch out for those crazy Aussie animals) it was an awesome experience and one I would

Roo-roos outside our room

highly recommend for families.  Claire wants to take Oma and we need an excuse to return.

On Claire's own bed

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