It’s official, I purchased Vegemite

While on holiday, another hotel guest suggested I try Vegemite at breakfast.  Of course I was game.  He proceeded to take the tiniest dab on his knife and spread it on a corner of toast.  “A little bit goes a loooong way,” he said.  Then he spread a large schmear of butter on top.  Everything tastes better with a heapful of butter, right?  I tasted the Vegemite immediately.  It was not tasty.  It was oddly savory and hard to describe.  Basically, take something that looks like Nutella but tastes like mom’s gravy reduced to a shiny brown glop and you have Vegemite.

However, I remembered that the Aussie hotel guests mentioned you could use it for gravies and decided to purchase a small container.  I found it next to the peanut butter.  Tonight, I needed to make a simple pan gravy and thought I’d give it a whirl.  I have to say, it was tasty.  Both children ate it, but they also really like the accompanying meatloaf.  It added that extra something you sometimes need when making gravy without meat.  It was so successful that I’d search it out in the States.  I do have multiple ‘ins’ at the Kraft company store.  Perhaps, I returned Vegemite to its original, unreduced, ungloppy glory.

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