The Mums

The best place to meet other mums is Australia.  I can’t tell you how much I struggled finding local mum friends in America.  I’ve never been the most outgoing person and I tend to make gloomy, stand-offish, New Yorker faces.  (My excuse is that I simply have a sad resting face.)  I am awful at keeping in touch or initiating any communication.  However, I vowed my Australia experience would be different because without other mums I would be lost.

There are many varieties of mums to meet, but I’ve met: playgroup mums, kinder mums (more on kinder/pre-school in a later post), playground mums and expat mums.  Mums everywhere!  Playgroups are community based and very accessible.  I found ours through Playgroup Victoria and its been great.  All the mums are extremely welcoming, open and helpful.  It is simply not organized like this in the States and finding a group of moms within which to ‘belong’ is a daunting task.  I’ve only known these Aussie/expat mums for a couple of weeks and already have been out to dinner, enjoyed drinks at someone’s home and had multiple play dates.

Mother’s Day is very similar to America with flowers and cards stocked at shops and popular brunch bookings.  Claire even painted a ‘bauttle’ at kinder and insists that the day is now called Mum’s Day, “since we live in Austral-lee-a.”  Personally, I think Mother’s Day is one of those important holidays and I’m glad it’s not lost on the Aussies.  These mums deserve it.

Thank you to all the mums of Melbourne.  You’ve made an American expat feel extremely welcome in Australia.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Kristi says:

    ah this is so lovely.

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