I want my HuluTV!

Picture this, right now, 8:45pm Australia time… or 5:45 am US time.  Your husband is out at, yet another, business dinner.  The kids are sleeping.  You pour yourself a glass of wine and look forward to your earlier, fabulous idea to catch up on some of your favorite TV shows on Hulu.  You are an American expat and have been without television for 6 weeks.  Australian TV teeters between horrendous and absolutely dreadful, especially if you do not subscribe to cable and only have the basic 15 channels. (I never thought I’d say that but yes, Australian TV is awful –  yet they continue to complain about Americans ruling the media).  Granted, you are NOT addicted to television, but enjoyed your DVR surplus and access to it.

You logon, type in hulu.com and this is what appears:

Nooooooooooo!  It can’t be!  You try again but nothing.  You are denied access to a website because you are out of the country.  Freedom of speech!  The Constitution!  (Ok, ok it’s not extremist propaganda but still.)  Ohhh, riiiiight mates, you are in Australia.  Its been a long day of errands with toddlers, conversations with Aussie mums and rain, more rain… and hail.  You thought you had a great idea for yourself that evening.    How do you feel?  Frustrated?  Funny, me too.

Things like this are always about money and politics.  Aussies cannot access the BBC version either, but you can in the States.  There are multiple websites/blogs about how to get Hulu in Australia, like this on Kristi Barrow.  Apparently, Hulu is trying to get into Australia according to The Sydney Morning Herald.  Yes, I could get it if I subscribe to an American VPN, but that would be, yet another, bill.  Our current Optus bill was around $100 per month for internet usage ONLY, with a bandwidth cap.  Australia is one of those countries where you pay according to what you download.  I do not have an unlimited download plan, like we all have in the States.  Still frustrated?  Me too.

We brought our Apple TV and I suppose I could pay for some Office episodes with our US account.  How could I miss Will Ferrell?  What about the last 2 episodes of Top Chef All Stars?  What about the season finale of American Idol?  Glee?  Community?  Pawn Stars?  Dexter?  Anything new from Bravo? 

Suddenly, I hear Journey, “Don’t stop, believing.”  (The music continues.)  I suppose I’ll continue reading one of my books on my Kindle… downloaded in the US.

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2 Responses to I want my HuluTV!

  1. Hi, I have been trolling your blog, I am an aussie who has spent the past 10 years in the US (Colorado and briefly in Texas) and have moved ‘home’ with my American husband and 7 year old American son.

    They are finding things as you are, all new and strange! I too, after 10 years had gotten used to so many American things that I miss! Anyway, just wanted to mention to you the site http://www.sidereel.com has all the US shows current and past, click on each show and then choose the episode and date you want to watch and it will have a list of links where you can watch – free and available, some links are spammy ones though, but Megavideo and Videobb videos are universally OK.

    Occasionally, you will get a sign that the link has been removed die to copyright laws. Just keep moving down the list, and you’ll get one to work! I watch ALL my US shows this way, for free! Love it. I will continue to peruse your blog, Cheers!

  2. Megan says:

    Thanks for your comment and tip! Another American expat friend of mine mentioned sidereel to me and I checked it out. My favorites are not on the site and some links fail to work, as you mentioned. But yes, its another resource for an American TV fix. 🙂 I hope your move goes smoothly!

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