Children’s Garden

The Children’s Garden at The Royal Botanic Gardens is a special place.  We arrived the first thing in the morning and had most of it to ourselves.  It’s a large gated area with charming, child-size pathways, ponds, streams, bridges, tunnels, giant rocks and forts.  Remember those times when you created your own clubhouse in a cluster of trees next to your childhood home, this is that clubhouse, perfected.  I was extremely impressed never having been in an environment like this.  Taking pictures in the garden was a lot of fun and the kids absolutely loved it.  However, it seems to get crowded later in the day.  (I even saw a boy relieve himself in the stream.  That would be the third Aussie boy I’ve seen pee in public, second with his pants down.)  Otherwise, the place was a small version of a fairytale forest.  Parks and gardens in American cities should take note.

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One Response to Children’s Garden

  1. dsduffy says:

    The Botanical Gardens is by far my #1 favorite place in Melb! Glad you had fun – too funny about the “public pee” it is by far very normal and unfortunately my boys are guilty at times, but never in a stream!!!

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