Meat Pies and Lamingtons

Another Australian check box checked: eating a traditional meal of meat pie and lamingtons for dessert.  While in Queenscliff a few weeks ago we came upon The Rolling Pin Bakery and decided it was time to try this thing they call a meat pie.  By looking at the medals on the window we thought this was the perfect place to bring ‘a pie’ home.  They didn’t have much to choose from at the time but we scored a steak pie.  I would have been willing to try something more exotic like “Chunky Workers” but with 2 toddlers you go basic. 

The meat pie is like a shepard’s pie but without potatoes and veggies – just meat and gravy.  Ours was a family sized pie encased in puff pastry, not just topped.  I do love puff pastry but it didn’t satisfy the taste I was craving.  It was good but I wanted the extra vegetables and snap of pepper a chicken pot pie gives you.  I wanted the creaminess.  But a meat pie is none of these things. 

Cake would satisfy me.  We took out the lamingtons.  I see these in every bakery, a cube of yellow cake dunked in chocolate frosting and coconut.  The cake is also encased in chocolate, not just topped.  Perhaps they cut you slices somewhere but I haven’t seen that yet.  Frosting lovers everywhere should unite, but I am not one of them.  Lamingtons are so popular that Australia celebrates National Lamington Day, devoted to one their favorite cakes.  You can even get them in grocery stores prepackaged and individually wrapped like Twinkies.  Ours was good but again, simply didn’t satisfy. 

We will not be running back for a meat pie or lamington any time soon.  We are still looking for something better, something to really savor, enjoy and bring home with us to the States.  The delicious, giant, fresh Australian prawns and perfectly ripe avocados will not make the flight.

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