Melbourne Style in the CBD

Australians dress very similarly to Americans.  You wouldn’t be able to distinguish one from the other based on clothes, unless I busted out my preppy yellow vineyard vines polos (thanks, mom) and madras belt.

After 2 ear infections and a case of tonsilitis I was blessed with a few free hours to myself last Sunday and allowed myself to wander through the CBD (Central Business District) of Melbourne.  I love window shopping, scoping out new places to eat, drink and shop.  The CBD is known for its fashion and at first I was underwhelmed.  Yes, you have the blue chip fashion houses including Chanel and the like, but at the onset I didn’t see anything interesting.  Then, I made a sharp turn down an alleyway and it began, the Arcades.  (I was not carrying my camera, since this was a time just to myself, not as a tourist and time devoted to looking through my eyes not my lens.  I promise to post pics later, but here’s one via my iPhone.)

My personal favorites were in the GPO, a mall full of Australian designers:

  • Willow – I did something at this shop that I have never done before.  I saw a dress in the window and said to the salesperson “I want to try that on.”  Moments later the dress was pulled from the display and in my hands.  It was perfect.  It was a rare find, for me, and it was also almost $600 AUD.  Crap, how could I justify that with no job, no future occasion and no “real housewives” budget?  I couldn’t.
  • Gorman – Loved things here as well, more casual.
  • Cue – More mainstream but interesting. 

So if you are looking for something new in the States check these guys out!  As for me, I had so much to say after my little jaunt through town, I couldn’t wait to get back to my family to detail my finds.  Plus, my plaid button down beneath my black sweater coat needed to retreat.

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