Anniversary message from… the Queen

It is our 5th wedding anniversary!  5 years of marriage in 1 apartment, 1 condo, 2 houses, 3 states and 2 countries and I still haven’t married him on Facebook.  If only those walls could talk.  The funny thing is that we both had no clue until 3 days ago.  Is that a bad thing considering its only been 5 years?  Perhaps moving to the other side of the world has added a lot to our plates.  I wonder what Australia has in store for us this year and how many more anniversaries we will be celebrating down under.

Too bad it’s not our 60th anniversary considering the Queen would send us a message!  Apparently, you can arrange to have a message from the Queen Mum, Prime Minister or Governor sent to those celebrating anniversary milestones as well as birthdays too.  Below is a chart from the Australia Celebrating Australians website.






We only have 55 short more years to go.  Right, Dan?  I am very proud of my husband and lucky to have such a happy and healthy family.  Maybe in 55 years we’ll finally settle down.  Maybe.

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4 Responses to Anniversary message from… the Queen

  1. Kristi says:

    this is so funny because i just learned this today while talking with some mums.

  2. Dan says:

    It’s your anniversary? That’s awesome, congrats!

  3. meghann says:

    happy, happy anniversary dan and megan!

  4. oma says:

    At least you remembered 3 days before. For us, its usually 3 days later.
    Happy anniversary.

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