A House is a House for Me

Our Home Away From Home

After being asked so much about our new home, I decided to post some pictures and some neighborhood pictures as well.  I hope it helps describe what it looks like to live in a Melbourne suburb (neighborhood.)

First, our new home.  It’s what they would call an Edwardian period home, so common to Australia.  We found our rental through Domain online.  Note that prices are listed per week, open houses are a whopping 15 minutes long and everything is negotiable.  We were in competition for the rental (the real estate market is very strong in Australia) and then overjoyed to find our application was accepted.






The Neighborhood

Homes are either period homes (Victorian, Edwardian, Queen Anne styles from the late 1800s to early 1900s), ultra modern or somewhere in between, aka built in the 70s.  Burnt umber (love that Bob Ross) colored ceramic tiles are common for roofing.  Everyone has a picket fence of sorts and being an arm’s length from one’s neighbor, they ought to.  I love the fences and intend to carry the inspiration forward to our Jersey property.  Trying to find a neighborhood best suited for you?  Check out CityHobo.

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4 Responses to A House is a House for Me

  1. U.J. says:

    What up sis and bro-face. Is that Claire on a two wheeler?!?

    BTW, your Korean dogwoods are looking real nice this year at your home @ home. I’ll have to send you a pic.

    • Megan says:

      Yup, she’s been riding with training wheels since we arrived. We worked hard on the garden/trees last year – hopefully we won’t be taking too many steps back when we return. Miss that.

  2. Just found your blog . . . via google images . . . I had a post with the same title a while back, thought that was funny : )

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