Holy spider! Part II

This was in my house today.

Do you know what this is?  A Red-back spider.  I was having a very lovely day; down to Collingwood Farm in the morning, late afternoon play with a local expat mum and thinking I was getting the hang of this Australia thing.  Then it appeared.  Claire was looking for her “baby” horse.  I moved a toy bin, reached under the TV console and there it was, hanging limp in a dusty web.  The plastic “baby” horse was beneath it.  It was dead.  (I suppose “baby” horse won this fight.)  I saw a red marking on its back and, after researching spiders earlier on our Australian adventure, it looked familiar. 

I further confirmed it on a website with the heading: “Red-back spiders… highly venomous – can be deadly.”  Fabulous.  At least anti-venom is readily available.

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3 Responses to Holy spider! Part II

  1. U.J. says:

    your picture looked like a black widow… and after some basic googling, i found that they are actually the same genus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latrodectus

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