Cake for the Queen

Since Claire had seen the royal wedding live on TV (it was on primetime 7pm-ish in Australia) she was very interested in the Queen’s birthday.  “We must have a cake.”  OK, I think I can handle that.  “Are we going to watch it on TV with the prince and princess?”  Uh, no.  We searched through some cookbooks that were left in our house and came upon Donna Hay.  Apparently, she’s as close as it gets to Martha Stewart in Australia.  Her cookbook, Modern Classics, is wonderful and has lots of great Aussie recipes.  We went for a butter tea-cake of sorts and a recipe I could handle without an electric beater/mixer.  It turned out to be quite delicious.  Look her up for some Aussie-inspired baking.

Happy 85th Birthday Queen Mum!  Although your birthday is actually in April, choosing a warmer, June day to celebrate publicly is a wonderful idea.  Perhaps I should do the same… wait, I don’t have to.  I just have to celebrate in Australia.

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One Response to Cake for the Queen

  1. Dan says:

    Compliments to our American mum chef… that was some good cake! Good on you, mum.

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