Fireworks in Winta’

We were able to have a belated 4th of July celebration with winter fireworks over the weekend at Docklands

Can I tell you the best thing about fireworks in winta’?  They begin at 7pm and your kids are still wide awake!  No more of the “9:15 or until dark” time frame of summer fireworks when your young children are hot and tired.

Can I tell you another thing about fireworks in winta’?  Snow.  Within Harbour Town, a shopping centre in Docklands, we discovered a gated area, about 20 feet square, offering kids… snow.  Well, it’s not the fluffy white snow too powdery to make a snow man.  It’s not the heavy, packing snow perfect for snow forts.  And it’s not the snow for sledding.  It’s the kind of snow, or ice rather, that forms after it snowed a week prior.  As the sign states, entrance is “weather permitting,” as in, if it reaches 60 degrees and begins to flood the shopping laneway all children will be forced to exit.  You’ve been warned.

Ah, Melbourne winta’.

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