Local Pigeons

Our local pigeons are of the brightly colored, menacing, tropical variety. 

Loud noises outside?  Could it simply be city noise?  Nope, its much more likely to be the birds.  Our local pigeons (rainbow lorikeets) continue to wake my son from his daily nap.  They are no longer gorgeous and exotic.  They are loud and obnoxious.  Our front garden has become winter haven for these birds that eat the tree nuts.

We often run into our other local winged residents, the cockatoos, both the sulfur crested and the rose breasted.  What happens when you discover a gaggle of these cockatoos?

Recruit your friends and have a chase! (Letting them to return to their grassy spot, of course.)

It seems both these birds are still learning to share since their squawking squabbles happen when another bird tries to get a bite of their bounty.  Perhaps a lesson to be shared with your children?  Yes, beautiful birds who don’t share are ugly, mean and very, very loud. 

Apparently, these cockatoos are also keen on light bulbs.  They nibble the lights on the Arts Centre spire in downtown Melbourne, breaking them and adding unforseen costs.  The Arts Centre began using eagles in 2008 to menace the cockatoos during the day.  Nice. 

Only Australia could be home to such local pigeons.

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