Fitzroy Gardens and the Paparazzi

We found ourselves at Fitzroy Gardens for a brisk morning outing this week.  While we weren’t quite sure what we would find and while Colin was strapped into his “pusher” we ventured into this large, nice enough, green space north of the Yarra River.

First, something historic for my husband: Captain James Cook’s parent’s English cottage, appropriately brought over from England and rebuilt in Melbourne.  No one knows for sure if James Cook even lived in the house.  Even though we thought adult admission was steep, it was nice enough.  (The house’s own story from England to Australia is more interesting.)  A cute garden full of medicinal herbs, children’s scavenger hunt, a nice enough 2 floor cottage, and perhaps the most interesting of all, an illuminated map (below) of Captain Cook’s voyages in the gift shop.  It’s surprising that Australia was discovered at all after seeing his circuitous voyages.

Afterwards, we wandered through the garden’s paths, stumbled upon a strange grouping of objects including a miniature English village, fairy tree trunk, dolphin fountain and a giant bird house high up in the gum trees for 2 foot tall owls.  We found a woman’s iPhone, called back and forth to her husband and daughter and continued to freely answer her phone before returning it to her at a nice enough garden cafe.

Oh, and yes, another Asian tourist took a picture of my children.  I’m not sure where to go with this, but this is probably the third time Asian tourists have taken pictures of my children in the green spaces of Melbourne.  A few months ago, I told an older man “that was enough” and put my hand in front of Claire’s face.  Looking back, I was upset that I had let them take any pictures at all and I’m still feeling a bit violated.  However, the younger woman taking photos in Fitzroy Gardens was, well, nice enough.

Fitzroy Gardens was a good place to have the kids run around, be outdoors and simply enjoy an eclectic mix of garden discoveries before the next round of winter clouds was due to roll through.  Yes, it was nice enough.

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