Sydney from 3 1/2 feet

My almost 4 year old daughter Claire contributed the following post.

I love vacations.  I love hotels.  I love Sydney.  My favorite part was the Opera House and Harbor Bridge.  Colin says, “op house…  (pause) ahhhhhhh.”   He likes it too.  Although mommy made me walk a lot, there’s even more to Sydney from 3 1/2 feet.

Big fish swam right to me.

Snake patterns in Darling Harbor talked to me, “come slither.”

Brightly tiled, arcade floors amazed me. 

Pretty chalk paintings of angels, not fairies, at my feet intrigued me. 

Big letters at every city corner reminded me (to look for cars.) 

Fun maps to jump from island to island beckoned me.

Sydney was a beautiful city with gorgeous, tall buildings.  Next time, try looking down.  There’s even more to discover. 

Also, Daddy says mommy puts words in my mouth, but I did NOT eat them.

Children can be so reasonable.

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