Cape Schanck

When visitors are in town (cousins from California in my case) you want to go somewhere new and different, somewhere off the beaten path, somewhere a local Aussie would possibly take visiting friends to escape the droves of downtown tourists.  We tested our luck with a drive down the Mornington Peninsula and found Cape Schanck.

The cliffs and rocky coastline were amazing as were the boardwalk pathways.  Being winter, the rainy season painted the distant hills a lush green and gave us a feeling of being in a postcard from Ireland.

The beach consisted of crushed black stone and hundreds of tide pools to investigate.

Plus, we were able to breathe some of the freshest air on Earth.  Thankfully so, since I descended and ascended hundreds of steps with a 22 month old strapped to my back.  (My barely 4 year old daughter successfully pulled her aging body down and up the steps, probably because there was so much to look at and because she chanted, “snack, bar, snack, bar” on the way back up.)

We took a drive up the eastern coast of the peninsula, stopped to see the Blowhole, drove incredibly slow to see wildlife (despite the large amount of signage for kangaroos and koalas we saw none) and had lunch in Flinders.  The most perfect cafe, Flinders Village Cafe, stood behind the facade of a small sleepy village.

I am never sure what lies behind an empty heated porch in Australia, but this time it was great food, a cozy atmosphere and a nice ending to our off-the-beaten-path outing.

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2 Responses to Cape Schanck

  1. Mark Oliver says:

    Looks like you caught some good weather. This is a great time to see Cape Schanck. Did you get a chance to walk to Bush Rangers Bay? That can be very nice, plus you can get a tour inside the lighthouse and even have overnight accommodation. Anyway, hope your cousins enjoyed Cape Schanck.

  2. Megan says:

    Good weather as in we had some rays of sunshine between the rain drops of melbourne winters. 🙂 That type of lighting makes for some great winter photos though. We were able to walk a bit with my preschooler but she’s only good for so long. The cape and lighthouse were gorgeous and we would have loved to walk the perimeter of the lighthouse but with my small children, a timed schedule and tour is not the best thing. (We tend to ruin the experience of others attending the same tour, etc.) There is always a next time… Thanks for your comment, it is a beautiful reserve.

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