Lost in Queensland

This is our story of how we survived tropical Queensland, a visit-at-your-own-risk state.  Please note, this is a long post.  Getting lost in Queensland is easy.  Getting out is an adventure.

Queensland is gorgeous, dangerously gorgeous.  Many haunting tales come from this northern state of Australia, including encounters with crocodiles and forgotten tourists in remote locations, including the Great Barrier Reef.  We decided to hone our survival skills (thank you Bear Grylls) during our time in Queensland.

We tested our endurance, ran down 4 Mile Beach and explored its small trails through the bush.

We dug large holes in the softest sand for shelter.

We swam our entire resort’s lagoons, looking for emergency exit strategies.

We successfully skirted eye contact with a cassowary, 2 frogmouths, heaps of tropical birds and salties, or saltwater crocodiles, on the Daintree River.

We donned our stinger suits to avoid touching deadly jellyfish and other threatening creatures within the incredible Great Barrier Reef.  (I also took ginger pills to avoid seasickness on the 90 minute, bumpy ride out to the reef.  Multiple people lost their breakfasts.)

We saw amazing coral and ocean life before skillfully snorkeling through these guys to return to our pontoon in the middle of the Coral Sea.

We traversed pathways and swing bridges through the Daintree Rainforest.

We found a crystal clear, fresh water source at Mossman Gorge.

We smoothly boated past maze upon maze of evil-looking mangrove trees.

We obeyed signage.

Due to our quick thinking and resourcefulness, we successfully returned to our resort each night to retell our daily tales of Queensland.  Survival in far north, tropical Queensland is an awesome adventure, an other-worldly, once in a lifetime adventure.

Once just isn’t enough.

We stayed

Sheraton Mirage, Port Douglas

We explored

Mossman Gorge

Wildlife Habitat

Quicksilver Great Barrier Reef Tour, Agincourt Reef

Dan Irby’s Mangrove Adventures

Well done, mate.  You made it through the Queensland post with us.  Excellent perseverance.

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2 Responses to Lost in Queensland

  1. Jessica says:

    Loved the pictures…the descriptions were what really pulled it together though 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    Thanks for stopping by!

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