Have kids. Will celebrate.

September normally brings on a new school year, falling temperatures and lots and lots and lots of birthdays, including my children born 2 years apart, minus 2 days to be exact.  Last year I was able to eek out a combo-celebration.  This year I was ordered to separate them.  For the past 4 days I’ve been baking.

  • Saturday: 1 bear chocolate cake (found bear cake pan in our kitchen) with pink butter cream frosting for Claire.

  • Sunday: 1 bear carrot cake with blue cream cheese frosting for Colin.

  • Monday : 2 batches of American brownies for playgroup children and mums.
  • Tuesday: 2 batches of s’mores brownies for Claire’s kinder.

Within this time period we’ve also been celebrating.

  • Saturday: took Claire and Colin to Luna Park in St. Kilda (they’ve been begging to go), peeled crying son off airplane and “choo-choo” ride, had evening family celebration with presents, consumed birthday cake.

  • Sunday: took Claire to celebrate a friend’s birthday, sang “Happy Birthday” with a few extra “Hip-Hip-Hoorays”, consumed roo-doo (chocolate rice krispy glop in cupcake cups, looks like name sake), fairy bread (toast with butter and sprinkles), lollies and cupcakes.
  • Monday: consumed small slices of birthday cake.
  • Tuesday: consumed brownies, got in trouble for bringing a messy treat to playgroup since the half-eaten brownies stuck to shoes and squished into carpeting, spent remainder of playgroup using my fingernails to pick up pieces, Colin found celebratory puddle and ruined his expensive Aussie children’s shoes.

  • Wednesday: wrapped s’more brownies so children could take home their treat instead of eating it at kinder (and getting mum in trouble again), got in trouble anyway because 1 child was allergic to eggs, consumed s’more s’more brownies

On Friday, Oma and Grandpop arrive with a celebration of their own.  No, I will not be baking brownies… we will probably eat heaps of leftovers.

Even though our Australian adventure has thrown us some curve balls, I believe we will have properly celebrated (and exhausted) our children’s birthdays, spring birthdays we will never forget.

Happy birthday to our children, Claire and Colin.  I can’t believe its been 4 years since children have entered our lives.  Seeing you two together, playing, talking, pretending, singing and dancing is amazing.  Hopefully, your Australian experience is something you can reminisce together.  Claire is right, you are besties (best friends) forever.

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