Kangaroo Island, SA: Our arrival

I have been at a crossroad as to how I should tell our story of Kangaroo Island.  Should I emphasize our days long journey?  Should I center around the wildlife?  the little connection to the outside world? the beach house? the kids? the pictures?  Perhaps I’ll try in parts.  It is an amazing place.  In the end I can only hope to inspire others’ visits.

Part I: Our Arrival

Kangaroo Island (KI), off the coast of Adelaide in South Australia is a world away.  Pockets of cell phone reception in 2 small towns and a majority of dirt roads make up the island.  There was no tv or internet connection at our Vivonne Bay beach house, just lots and lots and lots of puzzles.

Getting to this world away was half the battle, er, puzzle.

  1. We (my kids and I) endured a flight cancellation and 6 hour delay in the Melbourne airport.  We had but a 1 hour flight.  One word: agony.  Four more words:  God bless Mary Poppins.
  2. We rescheduled our KI ferry reservation 3 times.
  3. Upon arrival in Adelaide, my husband greeted us while on the phone (argh.)
  4. The kids barely fit into their Hertz rental car seats.
  5. We drove an hour and a half south to Cape Jervis to catch our ferry.  You could see the steam emanating from my ears the entire way.
  6. The ferry appeared and the steam subsided.  The kids clambered aboard and began spinning on swivel chairs.  The steam reappeared. 
  7. After a latte and the undulating waves on the 45 minute ferry ride, I was calm.  We arrived in Penneshaw.
  8. The sun sets.  Light was needed to find our rental house over an hour drive away.  Without it, we blindly continued on. 
  9. 15 minutes passes, wallabies in and around the road.  We hit the brakes and use the brights.  Explaining roadkill to a 4 year old is torture.  Committing roadkill could have a lasting effect on development.  (More on this later.)
  10. Later, possums run into the road.  We hit the brakes and slow down.
  11. Next, a huge kangaroo appears in the middle of the road and simply steps aside.  We hit the brakes, swerve to miss him and slow down further.
  12. After using our directions consisting of visual reference points and dirt roads we arrive at our beach house.  It is now 9pm, 17 hours after leaving our Melbourne home.  Sigh.

The next morning we wake up to this, beautiful Vivonne Bay.  The only noise we hear is the waves crashing on the sand.

We’ve made it.  A relaxing second cup of coffee and extra pajama time were in order.  Puzzle anyone?

Interested in reading more about Kangaroo Island?  More to come.

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