The Weather

What’s with the weather around here?  It comes, it goes, it comes back, and goes again.  The weather is incredibly indecisive and the forecasts are terrible about predicting inclement weather.

Australians often complain about the weather in Melbourne because it simply gets too cold in winter.  News flash for all Americans: winter does exist in Australia and it gets downright cold in Victoria.  I’ve broken out my long quilted jacket a few times and those palm trees they’ve planted along Beaconsfield Parade (beside the bay) cannot be local.

An Aussie mum said to me the other day, “the weather is so strange this time of year, it changes so quickly.”  I thought to myself, did you just miss the past 6 months?  Or did it change so quickly one might not even notice?

One day it’s 90 degrees (32 degrees celsius).  The next day it’s a chilly 65 degrees (19 degrees celsius).  It goes so far as to change 10 degrees farenheit an hour.  I took note of one particular week day where the weather went something like this:

  • 12 noon: sunny, 72 degrees
  • 1pm: cloudy, windy, drizzle, 62 degrees
  • 2pm: sunny, 75 degrees
  • 3pm: heavy rain, 60 degrees
  • 4pm: sunny, 72 degrees
  • 5pm: partly cloudy, rain, sun, rain and sun, who knows what temp it was at that point?

The sky over Melbourne brews with interesting patterns and colors.  Rainbows are a common occurrence.  The pictures are from our back garden looking northwest

Rain and sun equal fire:


Doomsday looms:


If only I had my camera for this shot over Elwood Canal (please excuse the phone pic):


Think it’s going to rain this weekend?  I’d check again if I were you.

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2 Responses to The Weather

  1. meghann says:

    amazing pics, meg!

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