Packing up over cricket… 4 days and counting

Yes, it’s just 4 days until we leave Australia and head home to the balmy winters of New Jersey (after a quick stop over in new Zealand, of course.)  Just 4 days.  Where have my final weeks gone?

This very minute, I am watching a cricket test match between Australia and New Zealand.  Both the game and commercials have me puzzled.  Advertisements asking, “who wouldn’t love a seafood BBQ for Christmas?” or stating, “How to whip up a Christmas pudding the day of” have me upset that this summer, Aussie Christmas is completely off our radar.

Woah, they catch the ball with their hands??? 

These days have been a whirlwind.  It all began 2 weeks ago when I gathered clothing and other items for donation.  “Op Shops” or Opportunity Shops litter every main street of every suburb.  There is no shortage of secondhand shopping in Melbourne.  Now our family’s items have become part of the offerings.

How could he possibly hit the ball when it’s hurled at him like that???

Next, I examined our empty wine bottles.  Since we like keeping a history of our drinking habits (perhaps this is not a good thing when your eyes widden to the size of tennis ball while looking inside the large cupboard overloaded with heaps of empties – and those were the ones you saved) we save wine labels and keep a journal.  It’s not just a journal of how a wine tasted but notes on the winery, a trip or special event.  I highly recommend purchasing wine label savers like these.

Is it really necessary to have 5 replay videos after every hit?

Next, since we didn’t bring that many things with us and didn’t need a container I found the most reasonable place to ship a few large boxes back home.  I said good-bye to those boxes a short while ago and wished them a safe journey across the Pacific and continental US.

Those cricketers are really quite thin and svelte in their white outfits.

Luckily, our home rental came fully furnished but we rented a few small household items for a weekly fee.  I also just said goodbye to those items including our Aussie barbie and the current love of my life, our espresso machine.  While I have an espresso machine at home, this one stole my heart. 

The man loading up the BBQ asked, “any redbacks?”

Me, “No… at least not by the BBQ.  But there could be a few snails.”

The man, “That’s au-right… at least they don’t bloody kill me.”

I’m glad I didn’t mention the redback in our house.

So here I am, still watching cricket zero wickets later, still staring outside at the hot sun, still wondering where these final days have gone.  4 days and counting.

*Sorry for the lack of pictures.  If I could just find that dodgy USB cord…

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2 Responses to Packing up over cricket… 4 days and counting

  1. dsduffy says:

    I am so sorry that we won’t get to see each other before you leave!!! But I have a feeling we will see each other again, Stateside! Please keep in touch, I look forward to hearing how you go as a “re-pat”
    Safe travels, my friend!

    • Megan says:

      Thank you! Would love to see you back home. You’ve been a wonderful help…. and I’m totally stealing “re-pat.” Enjoy a bit of Melbourne for me.

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