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New Zealand, Period.

Gorgeous.  Simply breathtaking.  Period. Our trip to Queenstown, New Zealand was just that (minus a couple of 2 year old tantrums, fines at customs and a trip to the emergency room.)  After hauling 13 bags from Australia (we were on our way home to … Continue reading

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Bits of Aussie Influence for Christmas

While we celebrated Christmas in Jersey, Australian influence was seen in the details. From reindeer sightings, or wait… are those kangaroos? to a glass ornament hanging on our tree, to Aussie Jingle Bells by Colin Buchanan, “Oh, jingle bells, jingle … Continue reading

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Our Final Aussie Days

Donning heavy coats and gloves before going out has me reminiscing our final days in Australia.  We took our final trip down the Mornington Peninsula.  Alone on gorgeous beaches in Portsea (barely warm enough for swimsuits) we took our last steps in rock … Continue reading

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Our Bunyip

“Can you please tell me what bunyips look like?” “Yes.  Bunyips don’t look like anything.”  A bunyip (pronounced bun-eep) is a legendary creature from Aboriginal folklore.  A bunyip is said to lurk around the Bunyip River, water holes and other areas … Continue reading

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The Kids Storm Through Melbourne

To see, sense and explore with children can be an arduous task.  They can become overwhelmed and easily frustrated with museums and attractions at any age.  Melbourne is extremely accessible and welcomes children.  In turn, my kids have welcomed the city into their vernacular. … Continue reading

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Cup Day

Our first Tuesday in November, Melbourne Cup Day, (and State of Victoria public holiday) was spent at home organizing Halloween candy and watching the “race that stops a nation.”  We saw many champagne flutes and fascinators fluttering about the marquees.  Then the horses … Continue reading

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Halloween Rising

Halloween is alive and well in Melbourne.  Its popularity is growing fast.  Apparently it’s growing so fast that those unable to purchase their own Halloween decorations would go so far as to steal their neighbor’s decorations.  Our skeleton went missing late last week and my … Continue reading

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